Andrea Souza is a Health Coach, Morphologist, Holistic practitioner, and licensed to perform the Nutritional Microscopic Blood Examination.

Passionate about nutrition and health, she believes in the balance between body, mind, and soul, with the mission of teaching her patients the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Our body is a perfect machine, and by providing the correct tools according to the current situation of our health, we can achieve fantastic results, including weight loss.

Microscopic Blood Test

Do you know the incredible insights your Nutritional Microscopic Blood Test can unveil? It has the power to detect over 95 dysfunctions throughout your entire body! Considered the ultimate test for warding off chronic diseases, the Nutritional Microscopic Blood Test stands as a global frontrunner in preventative health measures.

Explore the depths of this revolutionary test — your gateway to a proactive approach in safeguarding against chronic illnesses. Uncover the secrets within your body and embark on a journey towards lasting well-being with the unparalleled Nutritional Microscopic Blood Test!


Live blood analysis revolutionizes natural health practices worldwide. Also known as naturopathic microscopy, it involves observing live blood cells using a specialized microscope. This allows practitioners and clients to see variations in cell size, shape, and structure, providing insights into individual health.

This tool helps formulate natural treatment plans and monitor progress through subsequent live blood analyses. Nutritional microscopy focuses on using nutrition for optimal health, while dry blood analysis, or the oxidative stress test, is another valuable aspect of live blood cell analysis.

The Process

The process of conducting live blood analysis involves taking a small blood sample from the finger using a sterile disposable lancet, similar to checking glucose levels. The sample is then viewed under a microscope, and the images, magnified to 1000x, are displayed on a screen for both the client and practitioner to see.

Dry blood analysis, also known as the oxidative stress test, follows a similar method, with blood from the finger left to dry on a slide and later examined under the microscope.

Live blood analysis is a valuable tool for identifying health imbalances and monitoring progress after making changes. It's particularly useful for nutritionists and health practitioners. Seeing their live blood on a screen often motivates clients to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

See what patients say

See what patients say

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